Futbolear, or futbol de salón, or indoor soccer, is a fusion of traditional and futsal in 1930s Colombia. Its name, derived from the Spanish words for soccer (“futbol”) and basketball (“baloncesto”), underscores its unique blend of skills. Played on a hard court akin to basketball, it demands nimble footwork and precise ball control. Much like futsal, futsal employs a smaller, lighter ball (size 3) for enhanced maneuverability. Matches feature two teams of five (four outfield players and one goalkeeper), with substitutions permitted during stoppages. A distinctive feature is using walls to facilitate rebounds off passes and shots strategically. This global sport captivates both professional and amateur players alike.

This post will cover the top techniques, tips, and tactics for mastering Futbolear, from dribbling to shooting. Get ready to boost creativity, unpredictability, and decisiveness on the pitch!

What is Futbolear?

Futbolear, also known as indoor soccer, originated in 1930s Colombia. Combining traditional soccer and futsal elements, it’s played on a hard court, similar to basketball. The game demands quick footwork and precise ball control due to the smaller playing surface. Matches feature two teams of five players, with substitutions allowed during stoppages. Using walls around the court adds a strategic element, facilitating rebounds and plays. The sport has gained popularity worldwide, captivating both professional and amateur players.

Benefits of mastering Futbolear

Learning Futbolear can make you a better soccer player in many ways:

More Skills: You’ll become good at dribbling, passing, shooting, heading, and controlling the ball. This means you can do more on the field.

Tricky Moves: You can surprise your opponents by combining skill with creativity. This makes it harder for them to stop you and gives you more chances to score.

Move Quickly: You’ll get better at controlling the ball and moving around the field quickly. This is important in games where things happen quickly.

Think Fast: You’ll learn to make decisions quickly. This is very important in soccer when you only have a little time to decide what to do.

Passing Better: You’ll improve at passing the ball accurately, which is vital in regular soccer games.

Get Fitter: Playing Futbolear can help you become fitter and have more stamina. This means you can play for longer without getting tired.

Pay Attention: You’ll improve at noticing what’s happening around you on the field.

Play Anywhere: Futbolear skills can be used in indoor and outdoor soccer games.

Have Fun: Playing in a fun and skillful way can make soccer more enjoyable for you and for people watching.

Get Noticed: If you’re good at futbol, professional soccer teams might notice you and offer you a chance to play for them.

Be a Role Model: You can inspire other players by showing them how to play skillfully and creatively in the game.

In short, learning futbolear not only makes you better at the game, but it also helps you in many other ways.

Techniques to Play Futbolear

Dribbling Techniques

Dribbling is vital for Futbolear, allowing you to maneuver past opponents while maintaining control. Here are essential techniques:

Inside Foot Dribble: Push the ball forward with the inside of your foot, then swiftly pull it back.

Outside Foot Dribble: Similar to the inside dribble, but use the outside of your foot.

Step-Over: Deceive opponents by stepping in one direction and swiftly changing course.

Body Feint: Mislead opponents by abruptly shifting your body’s direction.

Passing Techniques

Passing is crucial for team play in Futbolear. Here are effective techniques:

Chest Pass: Direct the ball to a nearby teammate by chesting it down.

Two-Touch Pass: Touch the ball with one foot, then pass it immediately with the other.

Lofted Pass: Lift the ball over defenders’ heads to reach your teammate.

Through Ball: Pass the ball between defenders to find a teammate behind the defense.

Shooting Techniques

Scoring goals is essential in Futbolear. Master these shooting techniques:

Instep Shot: Strike the ball with the instep of your foot for power and accuracy.

Volley: Strike the ball in mid-air as it descends.

Chip Shot: Lift the ball over the goalkeeper’s head for a goal.

Free Kick: Take a free kick by placing the ball on the ground and striking it.

Heading Techniques

Heading is crucial for aerial play in Futbolear. Here are vital techniques:

Basic Heading Technique: Jump up and aim your head at the ball.

Glancing Header: Redirect the ball past the goalkeeper by aiming your head at the side of the ball.

Diving Header: Score goals from crosses and corners by heading the ball while diving towards the ground.

Ball Control Techniques

Close ball control is essential for maintaining possession. Try these techniques:

Cruyff Turn: Quickly change direction by dragging the ball towards you and turning.

Rainbow Flick: Flick the ball over an opponent’s head while keeping it close to your feet.

Rabona: Cross the ball while running towards the goal with your opposite foot.

Mastering these techniques will make you a more versatile and unpredictable player in Futbolear.

Proven Tips for Futbolear Mastery

Here are some concise tips for mastering Futbolear:

Embrace Creativity: Explore new techniques and be unpredictable. This keeps opponents on their toes.

Prioritize Decisiveness: Make swift decisions and take calculated risks. Hesitation can lead to missed opportunities.

Cultivate Confidence: Believe in your abilities to dribble, pass, and score. Confidence is crucial to peak performance.

Embrace Team Play: Futbolear thrives on teamwork. Look for the best scoring opportunity, whether it’s for you or a teammate. Prioritize passing for collective success.

Mastering Futbolear: Tactical Approaches for Success

Positional Awareness

Understanding your teammates’ and opponents’ positions is crucial in high-level Futbolear. It leads to better decision-making in passing, running, and shooting.

Space Utilization

Finding and creating space is critical in Futbolear. Dribbling past opponents, making swift runs, and body shielding are tactics to master, providing opportunities to receive and score.

Effective Pressing

Pressing high up the pitch disrupts the opponent’s attack and creates potential scoring chances, showcasing its effectiveness in Futbolear.

Swift Counter-Attacks

Capitalizing on quick transitions after winning possession can catch opponents off guard and lead to goal-scoring opportunities.

Set Piece Expertise

Leverage creativity in free kicks and corners, using flair to maximize scoring chances from set pieces.

Tactical Approaches for Futbolear Mastery

Exploit Pitch Width: Utilize the entire width to open space for you and your teammates. Overlapping runs and well-placed balls to the wings are effective strategies.

Master One-Touch Passing: Keep the ball in motion with quick one-touch passes. Consistent practice in training translates to effective execution in matches.

Use Feints and Body Language: Deceive opponents with well-executed feints and body language. These techniques create opportunities to bypass defenders and score.

Embrace Risk-Taking: Be bold in trying new techniques or taking shots on goal. Taking calculated risks increases the likelihood of creating scoring opportunities and finding the back of the net.

Following these tactical approaches will aid you in mastering Futbolear, transforming you into a versatile and formidable footballer.


Mastering Futbolear demands a multifaceted skill set, from precise ball control to strategic positioning. Techniques like dribbling, passing, shooting, and heading are pivotal, while spatial awareness and pressing enhance gameplay. Swift counter-attacks and set pieces offer advantages. Embracing creativity, decisiveness, and teamwork is crucial. Futbolear mastery not only refines individual prowess but also elevates the overall playing experience. With dedication, players can leave an indelible mark on the pitch.

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